Pale Blue Door Dalston

The Pale Blue Door restaurant and cabaret club

Feb 18 2013 | CULTURE | FOOD&DRINK

Pale Blue Door Dalston

The Pale Blue Door is a pop-up restaurant with a difference, a supper club/art installation in a ramshackle wonderland at a secret Dalston location.

Set designer Tony Hornecker is the man behind the mysterious club, which has toured audiences as far away as Santiago and Buenos Aeries, Glastonbury and Berlin, but is now back for a run at its Dalston home.

Visitors are invited in to Hornecker’s life-size dolls house for a three-course meal while being entertained by pantomine and cabaret acts such as A Man to Pet and Jonny Woo.

Hornecker mysteriously describes the latest installation: “Behind a pale blue door, in a darkened alley, on a night in the not so distant future. The magnificent depression laid the surrounding city silent.

“If you follow your nose and open your ears and let the breeze carry the waft of cigarette smoke and the whiff of moonshine, the promise of love will drive you on and with furtive looks you knock three times, a heavily lacquered hand reaches out.

“Light love and laughter spill out into the night sky before the  city falls back into its slumber, only turning slightly in its cold and guilty bed.”

The Pale Blue Door runs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until March 2. Tickets are £40 and include a three-course meal and half bottle of wine. Email for bookings.