Pond Dalston

London’s first New Hawaiian restaurant is opening in Dalston

Aug 15 2014 | FOOD&DRINK

Do you remember we told you last year about the restaurant opening on Gillett Square? No? Of course you don’t. You never bloody listen.

Well, anyway, it’s finally happening and we’ve got all the details right here. It’s called the Pond Dalston and it claims to be London’s very first New Hawaiian restaurant.

Why the Pond? Because it’s serving up dishes from “across the pond”, right? And Duke’s Brew & Que co-founder Byron Knight is the man behind the venture, so he’s got a fair bit of experience in North American cuisine.

So, what can you expect? Well, New Hawaiian is a fusion of traditional US dishes with plenty of influence from the Asia Pacific. Which means the menu features ribs alongside dishes like the Sambal Black Cod – crusted with shrimp and rice then served with miso poached egg.

Dishes range from small to the very large – so you can pick from the sushi bar of go nuts and order a whole catfish. With hurricane popcorn and grill chicken satay on the side.

The Pond Dalston opens on 29 August at Stamford Works on Gillett Square. You’ll be able to book online from 19 August, but if you can’t wait that long email rian@pond-dalston.com to make a reservation. Or find them on Twitter and Facebook.