After School Club

A school dinners-themed pop-up restaurant is opening in Hackney


The After School Club will serve dishes including alphabet spaghetti and fish fingers in a restaurant designed to look like a school hall.

Think back to your school dining hall. Did you ever imagine you’d grow up then pay good money to recreate the experience?

Hackney may just have gone too far this time.

The After School Club is the latest pop-up from the Art of Dining collective. Yes, you’ll remember them from such pop-ups as the camping restaurant and the restaurant themed like a 1970s living room.

After School Club

Set designer Alice Hodge has been employed to turn Clapton’s Round Hall into a school-themed restaurant complete with black boards, chalk and teachers.

Upon entry, you’ll be shown to your seat and chef Ellen Parr will serve up five courses of ‘posh school dinners’ inspired by childhood favourites such as alphabet spaghetti and fish fingers.

In their words: “Pack your books, press your uniform and head over to the Clapton Park Round Chapel. Hope you have done your homework.”

The After School Club is open from 22 July to 6 August