This 30-storey tower is going to be built in Shoreditch

Hackney Council just gave the go-ahead for the £300m project on the site of Chariots sauna and Majestic Wine.

As you can see, the building is comprised of several ‘stacked boxes’ which have all been moved around a bit to give the impression of a game of Jenga halfway through.

Two floors at the top will be dedicated to a ‘sky lounge’ which is described as a “panoramic events space” but will almost certainly be a hotel lobby with slightly better views than normal. The building has been designed by architect Gensler and is intended to represent a mix off the skyscrapers in the City and the low-rise buildings of Shoreditch.

Planning officers at Hackney Council said: “The proposals will undoubtedly bring significant economic and related benefits in an employment area of national importance, and although not everyone will agree, the proposed building is generally considered to be of high quality in terms of architecture and treatment of the public realm.”

Construction work is due to start in the second half of 2016 and it’s likely to be completed by the end of 2018.