Efes Snooker Club is being turned into the set of Fun House

Yes, Pat Sharp will be in attendance.

You remember Fun House. “A whole lot of fun, prizes to be won.” You remember your desire to experience that fun. To win those prizes. But you were never chosen to appear on the show.

This is your time to address that historical injustice, because Fun House is back. And this time, it’s coming to Dalston. Efes Snooker Club is going to be turned into the set of Fun House with a giant ball pit, go-karts and a variety of “silly games” inspired by the show. Yes, there will be prizes.

Crucially, Pat Sharp will be there, although apparently he’s playing a DJ set rather than overseeing proceedings. No word yet on whether the twins will be playing a support slot.

We have no idea whether it will actually end up looking or feeling anything like Fun House, but tickets are £8 – which sounds like a bargain to realise a childhood dream.