Hackney's first 'borderless cafe'

You can now pay to reserve park benches in Hackney

Apr 1 2014 | NEWS

A ‘borderless café’ has opened in Hackney which allows customers to book a park bench online before arriving to drink their own coffee.

Local entrepreneurs Taff McGinley and Peach Bubbles set up the BYOC café to make it easier to guarantee a seat at popular benches during the summer months.

Customers can now download the café’s app and pay for a slot at their desired bench.

Benches in areas including London Fields, Hackney Downs and Shacklewll Green will be available to book from today.

Early reactions from local residents have been positive. Tashon Robinson tweeted: “I think it’s ace. I’d like to decorate a park bench for someone’s birthday or something. Brilliant!”

Update: April Fool…

Watch a short documentary about the borderless café below: