Rio Cinema Dalston

Rio Cinema is going to close down if it doesn’t find some money

Oct 11 2013 | CULTURE
Rio Cinema Dalston
Rio Cinema. Image courtesy of Mark Hillary.

If you’ve ever been to Rio Cinema on Kingsland High Street you’ll know it’s vastly superior to somewhere like Vue for a whole host of reasons.

They sell you booze to drink while you’re in there, it has a proper old skool art deco interior with an auditorium on two levels and it does a bargain Sunday matinee.

All of which means it would be nothing short of a disaster if it had to close down. But that’s what’s going to happen if it doesn’t find some cash.

Chairman of the cinema’s board of trustee’s Patrick Lyons told the Hackney Gazette that box office receipts in recent years have fallen below a level at which it can cover its costs.

“The board is looking to keep as much of the spirit of the Rio alive as we can, but at some point if we cant secure funding for our programming we can’t do it,” he said.

“We lost money last year, I would be surprised if that wouldn’t be the same this year, that can’t go on forever.”

The cinema sent out an appeal to its members last month but has not yet raised enough to guarantee its future.

So, if you want the Rio to remain a feature of Dalston’s high street there are a number of things you can do. Become a member. Pledge a donation. Or, you know, just go and watch more films.

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