The Record Deck

A floating record shop is cruising the canals of Hackney

Feb 3 2015 | NEWS

Everything is better when you do it on a boat. Even doing nothing is awesome when you do it on a boat. Drinking on a boat? Brilliant. Logically, record shopping is going to be better when you do it on a boat.

Luckily for you, that’s exactly the service offered by the Record Deck. This floating record store is cruising the waterways of Hackney right now offering you the opportunity to dig through crates aboard a waterborne vehicle.

Have they got any decent records? Fuck knows! But they’re on a fucking boat! Did we mention how much better everything is when you do it on a boat? You’re going for the heightened record shopping experience, not the quality of the tunes on offer.

(We’re pretty sure they have some good records.)

So, how do you go about finding this mystical record shop? Well, by the looks of things they spend a fair bit of time moored outside the Princess of Wales pub on Lea Bridge Road. But you can follow them on Twitter for updates on where they’re headed next.

They’ll be sticking around in Hackney for the next few weeks before heading into central London, then coming back to Victoria Park in time for Field Day. After that, the rest of the country beckons…